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Hello, I’m Chris.

This is my personal portfolio sign up website

A sign up landing website with a flip card effect.

Screenshot of website landing page

e-commerce website

An e-commerce webite built with weebly and intergrated with square inventory management.

Screenshot of an e-commerce bookshop website

JS Canvas JRPG Mockup

A JRPG inspired Game developed with JS Canvas. Designed around sprite animation on a scrolling background and array based collision detection logic.

JRPG game screenshot

JS Canvas Tower Defence Game

A Tower Defence Game developed with JS Canvas. Designed around repeating class constructor templates and collision detection logic.

Tower Defence game screenshot

JS 3D Card Project

A Bookshop landing page utilising JS event listener on mouse events to create a rotating 3d effect.

Chelsea Bookshop

CSS & JS Project

A responsive website featuring smooth scrolling through sections and css nav menu styling.



I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently working at where we are digitising the nautical industry.

In my last role as Senior Content Manager at I was part of a team that scaled out an online travel site and helped the company up to acquisition.

I write on various interests on my blog.

To learn more, view my resume.